Setting the Testimonials

Setting the Tetimonials

The Testimonial is part of the Fixology theme. You can setup it very easily. Here are steps.

  • To setup Testimonials, first you need to add some entries with photos and texts. Go to "Testimonials" section and click "Add New". Fill details as described in below screenshot:
  • Create some more entries as described above.
  • Now we need to create a new page to show our Testimonials. The option is included in "Visual Composer" plugin (Make sure you installed Visual Composer plugin). Go to Pages >> Add New and click on "Add element" button:
  • You will see all Visual Composer elements. Click on ThemeMount Testimonial Box option:
  • Now you will see options for the Team Member area. Just modify the option are your requirements and click on "Save" button to apply the changes:
  • The Testimonials box is inserted. The box will look like this:
  • That's it.